Packaging is a critical tool in the pharmaceutical industry and we have been taking its utmost care at Genex Pharma. We ensuer the safety of the pharmaceutical

preparations in order to keep them free from contamination and ensure product safety through the intended shelf life for the pharmaceuticals.

Genex recognizes that improving packaging environmental performance through materials reduction and substitution is important to customers and regulatory agencies worldwide. The company continues to identify opportunities to meet this objective, while ensuring that packaging fulfills its critical role of protecting products in transport via airplanes, ships, trucks and trains etc.

We also have a dedicated team who works on artwork designing as per customers requirement and is responsible for approval of Packing material.

Our Packaging and Development Mandate clearly reads out the following:

  • Use World-Class Primary packing materials equipped with the latest technology and quality standards, viz., Ampoules equipped with One Point Cut (OPC) opening system, of imported Schott tubing. USP Type-I, tubular vials of imported Schott glass, HDPE bottles with CR (child resistant) caps, Lacquered flip off seals, Halo butyl rubber stoppers equipped with Multi-Prick system
  • Provide additional air-lock protection shields to the light, temperature, humidity sensitive products
  • Developing tamper proof packaging
  • Incorporate the guidelines of MOH at all stages of P&D
  • Total Quality Control of all the packing materials and finished packaging